Mistress Francis Is Not Pleased

Mistress Phone Sex

I hear you have been a naughty little girl. Playing with your little clitty and taking a big fat dildo in your man pussy? And all of this without asking permission? Oh, my sweet little sissy you know you are going to be punished for that. So, come here. Put on your pink sissy panties, ruffled socks and Mary Janes and meet me at the foot of my bed. Now stand up and bend over the bed while I pull your sissy panties down so I can see your shiny pink ass. I pull out the paddle and start spanking your ass. Really hard, making you say thank you after every strike. Your ass is a nice shade of pink and you appear to be blubbering. That hurts don’t it? Now before you stand up, I am going to put this big butt plug in your tight little ass. You are not to remove it until I give your permission. It also has a vibrating setting that I will be turning on periodically. I know you will like that, but don’t you touch your little clitty. Hmmm I do not think I can trust you with that so here, turn around and let me put that tiny thing in a cock cage. Now you can pull up your panties. I think I am going to have some fun with you sissy.

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