Femboy Training My Gimp

I have a good slave that I keep as a Gimp in my closet during his sessions. He will watch as I take a lot of BBC and other cock. He is kept with his clit in a cock cage and not allowed to touch it. I keep his arms locked in a leather arm sleeve and a gimp cover of his head. He has holes for the eyes, nose and the mouth. A ball gagged in his mouth is sufficient when I keep him locked up. He gets to watch all these big cock pound me while he slobbers all over his red ball. His twinkie gets hard but not very big because he doesn’t have a dick. Well last night was her moment of shame and fame. I turned my gimp into a good Sissy with femboy training. It was an successful session with a pair of pretty panties, a buttplug and her first cock to suck with her face painted like a whore.

Femboy training

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