Make Mistress Choose You

Online sissy trainingDid you miss Mistress? If so, get on the ground and slurp up my punnani punch! What are you waiting for?! As a welcome back I need all of my pretty bitches to come to me on their hands and knees. Suck my pretty toes while another drinks from my juicy pussy! I want to hear a symphony of lustful moans as you suck on me like you do my strap-on! Don’t forget the toes too! While you’re sucking in between my toes worship me and tell Mistress how much you missed her sissy training. Those tiny ass clittys should have been locked away in chastity since my departure. I train all my pretties to be obedient and my absence shouldn’t have made you too comfortable! Have you been a good bitch? If you’ve been an obedient slut, I’ll let you taste my cum filled coochie after its been stretched by BBC. A hot load will be dripping out of my pussy as it falls in between your pretty pink stained lips which would probably make me squirt in your face. I don’t care though because I know you’ll lean my cunt right up! I think I have time to invite one special bitch over to deep throat the cock I plan on making disappear in my fuck hole tonight. What will you do to make your Goddess choose you?


    • Quincy on April 6, 2022 at 10:14 am
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    I love sucking a Mistress’s strap on! Makes me feel like a whore!

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