I’m a Size Queen

Humiliation phone sexI am a size queen. When I was a young girl, my mom listened to Motley Crue. She was stuck in the 80s decades later! When I saw the infamous sex tape Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson made, I told myself I only wanted cock if it was big enough to steer a boat. How many guys can steer a boat with their cocks? Not many. Hell, I have met a few who could not drive a Matchbox car with their dicks, LOL. Tommy Lee has ruined me for men like you. Once a woman knows there are much bigger cocks in the world, she is not going to waste her time with small dicks. Sure, I have to date some losers like Max. Notice I said date, not fuck. Once I realize they either lied about their cock size or I assumed wrongly, I split. Max lied. He told me he had 9-inches of hard meat. My foot was longer than his cock and I have a size 6 shoe. I laughed at his cock and he called me a cunt. He wanted to play games; I was ready for him. I kicked him in the balls and administered some much needed cock and ball torture. No matter how big or small a set of balls are, men always fall to their knees when kicked between the legs. Maybe Max will remember the next time honesty is the best policy.


    • Sissy Mikey on June 2, 2021 at 3:35 pm
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    I worship you, Goddess. Please take me!

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