I’ll Train You, Baby

sissy slave training

You keep saying that you want to be a sissy and that you want to serve me, but you keep finding excuses to not do it. Well, that is going to come to an end today. You are going to get on the phone and call me for the beginning of your sissy slave training. I know it might be a little difficult since you’re so defiant, but I have no doubt that I can reign you in and turn you into the sissy slave of my dreams.
I don’t care if it’s against your will. You are going to learn to do everything you need to do to become the perfect woman. Sure, you have to learn to look the part, but it’s much more important that you learn to suck cock. I’ll invite a few of my friends over every day. Oh, and don’t you worry, my sissy slave – I’m not going to get you just any cocks. I will get you the biggest and most delicious cocks you’ve ever seen. And once you master sucking cock, I’ll train you to be able to take huge cocks right in your brand new pussy. Don’t keep denying what you’re meant to be. Call me and I will train you to be the best sissy slut you can be.

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