I Love A Soft Sissy In Panties!

Sissy Panties

Something about dressing up a delicate little sissy girl and playing with her like she is my baby doll makes my clit throb! I adore a soft sissy who loves her Mommy Raine, we’ll play dress up and dollies and use all of Mommy’s big girl toys. I know who needs a nice long shopping trip to that special dress shop, the one that sells silk panties, stockings and all the accessories you can dream of! We’ll try on only the prettiest of dresses and stockings all day long, I’ll paint that lovely face and curl your gorgeous hair for our special guest. Mommy Raine’s sweet sissy will entertain our friends by sucking a cock or spreading her tight little sissy pussy right next to me once we are all dolled up and ready to play!

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