I humiliated my sissy

bbc sissy trainingMy sissy is reluctant to go out in public, she just wants to be humiliated at home just me and her all alone doesn’t that sound boring as fuck? Why would I want to sit home with a silly little sissy bitch? It’s not like I would ever fuck this bitch, all she has is a tiny little clitty and that shit is unsuitable for fucking. Well I made her think that we would be having another boring ass night at home so she went and got dressed up and while she did I called my big black stud Leroy over. I made sissy fluff him up and watching her choke on that huge black dick made me so happy. It was so funny! Then I made sissy watch me fuck my stud, she was so jealous that I took that huge black dick all for myself and wouldn’t share at all. My stud doesn’t like sissy pussy only real pussy like mine but sometimes he can be persuaded to fuck one of my bitches. If this sissy really wants my stud tho she will have to go out all dressed up for public humiliation if she doesn’t she will only be watching this cock not fucking it!

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