Suns out buns out

Humiliation phone sexSpringtime is here, and summertime is quickly approaching. I love to go to all the parties and shake my ass and show off my hot body in my sluttiest bikini’s. I have a personal sissy who loves humiliation phone sex. I wanted to go ahead and up the ante. I invited my sissy slut to a mega bash in the hills. Bikini booze and babes. Big ballers all around and big black cocks and all colors of the rainbows also were at the party.  Plenty of sugar daddies are showering sexy vixen princesses like me. What can I say I roll with big boys baby!

😉 My sweet sissy was in awe watching me prance around and be catered to like the royal sugar baby I am. I had fun taking big baller dicks and of course I had to anoint my new slut. Suns out buns out and they also happen to be stuffed with fresh semen. Get on your hands and knees in broad daylight and scoop and suck with your tongue that cum right out of me you sissy bitch. 

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