Hot BBC Sissy Trainer For Hire

BBC sissy trainer

I get it – you turned yourself into a sissy from head to toe, so you think you have everything completely covered. But I’m here to tell you that you’re not quite right about that. Maybe you’ve even had cock in your mouth and sissy cunt, but you know what? You haven’t had big black cock yet but you will. You have to get ready for them, though. It’s not just something you can jump headfirst into. Their cocks are way too big for that. You need to be eased into it and that’s what I’m here to help you with.

You’ll need to order a BIG black dildo online to have on hand (or in your pussy) while we’re talking. Oh, you’re gonna need some pretty heavy-duty lube, too.  I have to warn you – it’s probably going to hurt at first. It might not feel good at all the first time you fuck yourself with that big black dildo. But you’ll get used to it and then after that, nothing else will do. You’ll be craving big black cock so badly that you’ll do anything to get it. I’ll help you out with that too. Just get your toy and give me a call!

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