He Is Only A Cuck

sissy phone sex

My sorry ass Husband can’t get his dick hard enough to fuck me without me having to do lots and lots of work, so I mostly give his sissy ass cuckold sex. The other day he woke up with a semi hard on and decided that I should give him a blow job to try to get things started. I don’t know who the fuck he thinks he is but I just laughed. He decided to try his luck by crawling under the covers and putting his head between my legs and licking my sweet bald wet pussy. I let him try but he makes me drier than the Sahara. He kept licking while I just channel surfed. Finally, he lifted the covers and asked if I liked that. I looked and shook my head and said not even the slightest. So, he got up to take a shower and I pulled out my big thick dildo, removed the covers and started fucking my wet juicy cunt. When he was done with the shower, he came back to the room in only a towel and his eyes grew wide as he saw me there on the bed fucking myself. He tried to join in, and I just told him no thanks I am enjoying myself and that he was only worthy of cuckold phone sex. He almost cried as I brought myself to orgasm. I threw a towel at him and told him not to worry there would be a nice thick cock for him to suck while getting it ready for me tonight. Who knows, maybe I will let him lick my cum filled twat for a treat.

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