Giving Seduction and Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno training All Things considered a little sissy hypno training is just a blip in your world, but you might need just a little push to be what you are. Sexual sensual domination and my voice in your ear encouraging your innermost desires. You do not have to live a life denying who you are. You do not deserve to be a man with a small dick who hates himself. The sissy life is where you belong so you can embrace all that you are. Your small dick is now your clit and your ass is your beautiful pussy. Tight, wet with your cummies and waiting for a nice big cock. Let me seduce you to go to that black cock glory hole and slurping cock for the first time. My sexy body is adorned with the feeldoe strap. That has an 8 inch dick that makes me vibrate inside and strokes my g spot and fucks you at the same time. Flip up that skirt and take me and my big back boyfriend. I am in an open relationship with my own sissy cuck boyfriend and he has room for another sissy with us. My dear you will be under my spell in no time! Give me your squirties and lick your hands clean, that is your first taste of cum, you will be begging for more by the time I am done with you!

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