Glory hole punishment

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One of my sissies needed a little lesson on obeying orders and listening to his mistress. He also needed to be punished and humiliated too. I had the perfect punishment for him! I took him to the nastiest and seediest sex club downtown dressed in fully sissy panties, makeup, and heels. He had to walk through the parking lot and the front of the club in nothing but panties, makeup, and 4″ slut heels. I lead him through the club to the grimy dirty bathroom stall and made him get down on his knees on the filth covered floor and wait by a hole in the disgusting wall for a big cock to poke through. A really dirty looking uncut cock slid through the hole and my little sissy started to gag when his face got near it. I gave him a sharp smack across his ass and told him if he didn’t start sucking, I’d put his ass up against the hole and let them fuck him. He hesitantly obeyed and sucked the nasty dick like a good little sissy bitch and even swallowed when his mouth was filled with cum. That was just the first dick too, I had him on his knees for hours sucking any dick that came along, no matter how filthy or dirty they were. This is what happens when sissies don’t obey their mistress. They need to be taught a lesson and punished. You have to remind them who’s in charge. I love humiliating a sissy and most of the time they love it too, even if they don’t want to admit that they love sucking big black cocks, but even sissies have their limits and don’t want to suck nasty dirty cocks from a filthy glory hole bathroom for hours. He should have thought of that before disobeying me though.

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