Genesis was always the Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer

When I was a young I had big dreams of becoming the Best sissy trainer. I had been through a lot of hardship in my life but what kept me going was my passion for helping others realize what they could become and achieve their dreams.

I had always been fascinated by the idea of sissy training. This was something I had never experienced firsthand and I was curious to see how it worked.

One day, an opportunity presented itself when I heard of a sissy trainer looking for an apprentice. I immediately applied and was accepted.

For months, I followed my trainer, learning the ins-and-outs of sissy training. I was diligent and constantly looked for ways to learn more to make men grow into the creatures they were meant to be. This hard work paid off and soon enough, I was ready to call myself a sissy trainer.

I helped many sissies become their best sissy selves, from creating outfits and learning proper etiquette, to mastering mental discipline.

One year after she started her journey, I had become the best sissy trainer out there. My clients were successful, confident sissies, and I could finally say I was proud of myself and my accomplishments.

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