Sissy slave training with Miss Remi

sissy slave training


I’ve been spending every spare second with my newest sissies. Let me tell you about my newest sissy bitch, Miss Leah! Lee was much too masculine of a name for a cum loving, bbc slut like my Leah. My little slut came to me needing intense, sissy slave training and knew that Miss Remi would take good care of her! We started her training the second she walked in my door, begging to have her slut mouth filled with cum! I taught her how to dress up like a sexy slut and make all of the guys drool and beg for her perfect pussy. Watching her sexy lips wrap around a giant, thick bbc is everything a slut trainer could ever ask for! If you’re a sissy bitch whore in need of training, then Miss Remi will take good care of you too! All you have to do is show up and be ready to have your mouth and slut holes turned out! 

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