Forced Sissy Training For Cocky Bartender

Forced sissy training is what the bartender got. He was a cocky fucker thinking he could fuck anyone he wanted. So, I invited him over to my place. When he got there, I made sure to get him really drunk.

Forced sissy training I made sure he got undressed and then forced him to his knees. I stuck my toes in his mouth and told him how I knew he can fuck anyone he wanted, but tonight he was going to be my bitch and fuck who I tell him to fuck. He laughed and that is when I slapped him and told him to stop thinking he won’t get a dick in his asshole, that is when my friend walked in with his cock out. I finally saw the fear in his drunk eyes, and I forced him to open his mouth. I shoved a big black cock in his mouth and made him suck it. like a little female bitch, he sucked that dick hard. I think he secretly wanted it and just never went for it. I spanked his ass with my paddle and didn’t stop until he was red and swollen. He kept begging me to stop and that is when I told him I would. It was time I spread his ass open and right away my friend broke him in because he is a BBC sissy trainer. He fucked his tight asshole and showing him what a good feminine bitch gets. As he got fucked and filled up with semen, I whispered in his ears that after tonight he will be addicted to getting fucked. Now instead of fucking anyone he wants he would be getting fucked by anyone I want because I am the Best sissy trainer. 

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