Forced Sissy Training 4 my bro

forced sissy trainingIt’s only a matter of time before I give my brother some forced sissy training. He is a smaller sized guy who already looks a little effeminate to me. All through highschool girls asked me if he as gay. I would say that I didn’t know. But the more I learned about life, and sissy training. I began to suspect he was very much like our father. Is being a sissy inherited? I always noticed panties, stockings and bras going missing. I would get into a fight with my mother that my father was yanking his cock to my underwear. She would punish daddy until she told me that she was satisfied it wasn’t him. It really dawned on me one early Saturday morning. I hear the sound of a vibe coming through the walls between me and my brother’s room. I decided to creep next door and see what was going on. And as I turned the doorknob and slide in his room, I was rewarded with my brother on his hands and knees teasing his butthole with my Vibe! He didn’t even notice I was there! “Keep it.” I giggled. He was so embarrassed telling me it wasn’t was it looked like and that he wasn’t gay! “I know you’re not, you’re a sissy,” I said with enthusiasm. My brother still denies that he needs sissy girl training, but we shall see. I love forced play of a sissy whore!


    • Joshua on July 3, 2022 at 6:55 pm
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    Would have killed to have my sis do my sissy training.

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