Forced Feminization Training With A Goddess!

Forced Feminization

Do you like forced feminization? Well, I sure as hell do! Forcing men to be who they are truly meant to be makes me feel like a very important permission woman with a very special mission!  My mission you ask? That is to make all the men in the world into their true selves, their sissy selves.

I absolutely love getting to pick out the very first outfit of a brand new sissy. We pick out the cutest of cute or the hottest of slutty outfits there is. Then we do our hair to make us stand out! Then make-up of course.

Just gotta love wearing the ruby red lipstick and branding yourself as a publicly world wide know whore. Maybe I even write slut on your forehead. Then smack your cheeks to make them appear to be rosy and cute. That eyeshadow is always to be smokey and sexy though, it is also mysterious somehow.

Yes, your new attire is sure to attract any new cock on the block. We will have them lining up for you then we will use your body for my beneficial gain financially. Yes, you are now my prostitute. You will fuck any guy I say at any time at all. No rest for the slutty, there’s always men and women to fuck! All to make me another buck! Ha!

So, what are you waiting for my beloved sissies, lets play together, you and me and we will find out who really wears the pants in this relationship.

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