Forced feminization is what you deserve!

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is so fucking hot! You are a nasty little whore who needs to be broken and trained. I will put you in your place and own your little pussy. I will make you beg to clean the cum out of my holes. I will use you as toilet paper and piss all over your face, little slut. I will take my time with you, slowly and painfully humiliate your tight little asshole. Yeah, I have been really wanting a slave like you, so easy to mold. I love the look in those big dumb eyes, you know how nasty we are going to get and there is nothing you can do about it, even if you beg. You will be enrolled in my Online sissy training school and you will properly learn how so clean the cum out of that pussy like a good little sissy slut. You will wear the sweetest pink dress, ruffle lace white Sissy panties, white thigh highs and shiny Mary janes. Oh, you will look so adorable with blonde pigtails, I will paint your face like the little whore you are! I am going to humiliate you by parading you around all dressed up in public. First I will walk you by the local church when everyone is leaving. All of your neighbors and family will see what a sick fuck you are as we walk by. They will stare and snicker calling you a stupid little faggot. Few of them will even spit on you and call you an abomination. I bring you to the local dive bar where a bunch of dirty motorcycle guys hang. I put a sign on your back that say “Fuck my virgin boy pussy” and shove you inside. The room goes wild when they see you, I hang back laughing as they surround you. Those dirty men use your holes every which way and make you their little sissy cum slut. Shit, even I got a ride with a few of them. Every guy there fills me up with their spunk and you being the good sissy you are sucks out every last drop. Eating mommy’s cream pie like a good little slut. After they are done with you, they are so disgusted and take out all their rage on you. Slap you around calling you a faggot bitch and you take it because you know it is true, you are a little helpless sissy.


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