Forced Feminization Cum Showers

Forced feminization

Do I really have to tell you that part of the process of forced feminization is taking showers of cum from a bunch of femboy butt stretching, manwhore mouth craving cream spewing cocks?  Of course you do, you stupid boy-bitch!  What kind of fly by night sissification operation do you think I run here?!  I swear, sometimes you little clitty queens can be really fucking dumb.

Let me clear up any misconceptions for you; YOU WILL BE COVERED IN AS MUCH CUM AS I DEEM NECESSARY TO TURN YOU INTO A PROPER NANCY!  Is that clear, cockboy?  I hope so, I am speaking English and you’re not a total fuckwit, are you?  Your other sissy trainers might have let you get away with just throwing on a frilly little dress and wig and letting you just paint yourself up with a shit-ton of makeup like some kind of street whore then call your transformation good, but that doesn’t even come close to Mistress K’s masterful way of manhood manipulation.

I won’t even get into all of the mental shit I have to do to get you to fully give into me, or what kind of attire will be required of you to attend my training sessions.  I’m specifically talking about how much sperm you will have swimming around on, and in, you before I will be happy to show you off to the world as one of my perfect femboys.  You figure the average fertile male pumps out about 5 milliliters of jizz per ejaculation with around 100 million little swimmers in each ml, makes it about 500 million fuck pole tossed tadpoles per prick that penetrates you.  Multiply that by the hundreds of dirty dicks I’m going to make you please throughout this whole process and I figure I can have your donated sperm count up into the jillions in no time.  Month, month and a half, tops.

You get it, right?  I know a lot of people learn more by doing than any other method, so you’ll just have to swing by and let me show you.  I have a few cocks full of sperm packed spunk here waiting for you.  Let’s get started, shall we?

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    i love cum

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