Forced Cum-Eating

Forced feminization

My neighbor learned a very valuable lesson about being a scumbag in my presence. I knew he cheated on his spouse while she was at work but he normally did the decency to attempt to hide it. I think he’s been overly excited cause his new mistress happens to look like a 7 oppose to the normal 4 and 5’s he brings over. So he very clearly tried to make it so the whole neighborhood should notice. I normally don’t care about other people who are foolish enough to deal with marriage but I do care about people who enter an agreement and one does not honor it. The big reason I became involved is that in his newfound “alpha-masculinity” he thought he could step up to the plate with ME! Me of all people?

It took everything in me not to laugh at his hairy, pudgy smug face. However, a playful idea washed over me. So I offered him a one-time invitation “Come over to my place….but I must warn you to get with me you gotta be kinky and do everything I tell you to. Then I might spread my legs for you” I teased with my winning fuck me smile. I went inside and almost immediately heard the frantic knocking on my door. I let him in and told him before he shut that door to strip completely naked. He didn’t even hesitate, probably was hoping people saw him get naked in my house. He shut the door and immediately came over to me trying to touch me, so I pushed him back gently with my hand. 

“No, no you are to do what I tell you to first. Remember?” I reminded with a cutesy tone. “No stroke let me see you at your hardest” I watched as he was only to grow about a measly 5 inches. Keeping my composer, I fought the need to chastise him thinking that was an acceptable size for a woman like me. “Please Presley I’m going to cum” he was breathlessly struggling under my gaze. So I sunk down on my knees and cupped my hand together at the end of his cock. 

Not thinking or even waiting for permission he came right into my hands. “On your knees” I snapped with a more cruel tone now. My annoyance with this playtoy was beginning to show. He came down on his knees with me. “Open up” I demanded. He got hesitant and attempted to spew excuses as to why. So I grabbed the back of his head firmly not hiding my want to tear out what little hair he had. Yanking his head back and pressing my cum-filled fist against his lips. “You will open your mouth like a good cum-eating faggot or I will tell her everything with enough evidence to take everything you have. So she can live comfortably and you will live in a cockroach-infested apartment only able to get fucked by the 2-cent whores” I hissed. Laughing as his face grew red as he guzzled his own cum. Making him lick the load off my hands completely. Then sent his loser ass home.

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