For sissy training and buck breaking is what a businessman will get from me

I love to see a man get buck broken and have some Forced sissy training with a big black cock. They pretend they don’t like cock, but deep down inside they have been wanting to be trained and fucked like sissy hoe bitches. Last one I met was a strong married businessman who always had to be in a suit. When he came to me i could tell he needed to be dressed up and trained, especially fucked hard. I started with the basics, making him worship my feet and lick and suck my toes. When I was ready, I made him undress and I gave him a lace set of sexy pink lace Sissy panties. I told him once he put those on, he would my new sissy bitch and there was nothing else she was but a slave fuck toy to use. Perfect way to start was for her to lick my bbc cum filled cunt. She hesitated so I slapped her face and grabbed her hair, using it to force her face in my cunt. I knew she could smell the jizz sperm dripping out my cunt. That is when I felt her tongue start licking me. That is how i knew she was broken and soon would getting fucked by my favorite big black cock.

Forced sissy training

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