Best Sissy Trainer Helps You Be the Best Beta Boy You Can Be

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer is what you need. Maybe I can be a little gift to yourself? I love sissy boys. I like all sorts of submissive men. Sissies, cuckolds, cock sucking faggots, adult babies and maids. I have a few of each in my sissy posse. Alex has been seeing me for about a year now. I was his Christmas present to himself last year. He said he just wanted a few sessions, but our explorations prompted him to keep coming back. He came to me confused. He knew he was not a normal alpha male. He knew he had a small cock and was unable to please his wife. He sometimes gets off wearing women’s panties. He fantasizes about sucking cock. He just did not know where he fell in the spectrum of submissive men. Many submissive men overlap their niches. I have lots of sissy boys who come to me for sissy training, but they quickly find out they are more than just sissies. They are often cucks and cock sucking faggots too. Alex is primarily a cuckold we discovered. He likes to wear panties and suck cock, however, he does not want to suck cock if his wife is not present. He likes to service men for her. A lot of sissies just love cock. They want to be a beta bitch to an alpha male with a huge cock. Not Alex. He just wants to suck cock to please his wife. He wants to do the labor so she can enjoy the action. He is a submissive male, but not a 100% sissy boy. We are working on how to get his wife fully on board with having lovers and fucking them in front of her husband. She has been coming with her husband to our sessions for the past several weeks. Last night, this phone dominatrix arranged for a bull to fuck his wife. My bull was black with a 13-inch-thick cock. I watched Alex fluff his cock and guide it into his wife’s hungry pussy. I watched his wife have an earth shattering orgasm too. It is great when I help submissive men, but when I can help their wives too, I really feel like I have done my job well.

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