Femboy Training with Tamika

femboy trainingMy favorite calls are femboy training sessions that leave my pussy dripping. I love showing men how inferior they are to women like me. My favorite way to keep my little boy toys in line is through humiliation; I’ll humiliate my small cock boys especially. I love little dick teasing. I know exactly how to put these bratty subby boys in their place. No man under seven inches could possibly please my perfect princess pussy. You things get put right into chastity cages, and I throw away the key! I dress you up for sissy maid training. You need to learn how to get bent over and have your anal fuck hole destroyed while balancing in pretty stiletto heels. Then, you’ll need some cock training. It’s a fine art, sucking cock and getting throat fucked. It takes a certain elegance and grace. You crave a woman like me to force you to your knees and hold your mouth open while I make you eat hot load after creamy load of Alpha Cock cum. Best learn to love the taste, that cum is the majority of your diet now/ My wet pussy is dripping. Get up here and eat my bush, make me scream and cum, and maybe I’ll reward you. I’ll ass fuck you with your pretty pony butt plug. Don’t test my FemDom temper. I will consume you.

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