Femboy Training with Heaven

Femboy Training

I hope you’re ready to begin your femboy training because this is it! You have one more hour left of freedom before you’re locked in chastity on my command so you’d better do all you can to put that worthless dick of yours to use now because it’s your last chance. As a courtesy, I’ll allow you to stare at my perfect black tits and ass while you stroke away; I’ll even do you the honor of watching me get fucked by a big black cock…soon enough I’ll train you to fuck a cock halfway as good as I do (although you’ll never be as good as me). You’d better not make a mess on my floor when you cum, either, and if you do, you’re going to lick it up, just like you’re going to lick the cum and juices off my sheets after I finish fucking; this is me slowing acclimatizing you to the cum whore I’m going to make you within the next 30 days. You’re going to be eating and drinking so much cum, it’s going to be all that you crave. Here; I’ve picked out some pink sissy panties and a beautiful bra for you to wear. Enjoy!

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