Femboy training sissy sluts from the south!

Femboy training

Femboy training busts your balls down south until you get a nice black cock in your mouth!

 You would think Femboy Training is more prevalent in places like New York and California. But this southern bitch knows a thing or two about sissys in the south.  The number one myth about men in Texas is that everything is bigger there. The only thing big is the lifted trucks concealing the small dicks between those legs. Think about it, a man with a big hanging dick would never need to flash his manhood in such a way! Some sissys in the Lone Star state are packed with a punch others are not. Southern sissy sluts would rather suck other huge cock off. 

Phone domination with men all over the country and a couple overseas has educated me on conservative men who really, really just need to fag out. The southern states bring me a large percentage of my clientele. Men who need to be dressed as little hooker whores and pimped to the next available BBC have me pouncing! Knowing soon I can have a redneck bouncing on a thick black cock gets me even more wet between my legs. 

 I get so excited just thinking about my southern sissy whores.

Mommy Zoey can hardly wait to get my hands on them and make them feel like the sluts they really are. I can’t wait to show them how a real woman can take control of their pleasure.

Forced intoxication is also part of sissy maid training in the South. Seeing the humiliation and pleasure these men experience as I train them to be the perfect submissive whores. I enjoy watching them submit to my ever-loving will. Take a hit and submit to Mommy Zoey! Worship as she brings you gallons of cum from a huge swinging black cock. 

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