Sissy girl training with Miss Remi


sissy girl training


My name is Miss Remi the sissy girl training pro and tonight, I want a hot call with a little, twink slut like you! There is nothing I love more than training a new sissy slut and teaching them how to use their dirty mouths to please cock. I used to train my cum loving bitches very slowly. I would gradually build up to making them take bigger and bigger dicks but, I’m not very patient these days. I expect you to drop to your knees and start working your slut mouth around a giant bbc the second it’s presented to you! Hold it in your hand and feel the weight of that heavy monster cock as you wrap your hand around it and start to stroke. That fat, round mushroom head needs your lips all over it, slurping and kissing like a good slut. You’ll be so busy working that giant girth worm down your throat that you won’t notice when another one of my studs sneaks up behind you and starts pulling your little g strings to the side. One look at your hard clittie and the wet spot on the front of your panties and I’ll know how much you’re enjoying it. I’m going to rub my pussy and enjoy watching you get spit roasted by 2 nice, fat bbcs! I can tell you how this all plays out because I’ve trained so many sluts that I know exactly what to expect. Miss Remi is a busy mistress so hurry up and call. You don’t want to miss your chance to be my next cum guzzling princess whore!

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