Femboy training is the beginning of our fun!

Femboy training

Femboy training is the beginning of our fun! The process of transforming my sweet sissy slut into a thing of beauty has begun. I already know my sweet sissy  wants this transformation to take place. The little clitty between that slut’s legs practically drools with anticipation as I dress you in the most feminized, delicate clothing. I make sure to slip on a pair of pink lacy panties and paint your lips a vivid red. You wear an elegant pink dress, perfectly tailored to stay wrapped around your body. The finishing touches include mascara, blush, nail polish, and high heels that gauntlets her height.

Now it’s time to really start the Forced sissy training. This is something you will not have the choice to deny, unfortunately. But this newfound power will be abused repeatedly, so you know who’s boss. I take numerous pictures and videos of your new sissy look, boasting of your transformation to the world. You will go out into the public eye as the sissy slut you were born to be.

While out in public, I will make a show of you and parade you around in the sluttiest sissy outfit. You will be lead by a leash in the most public places I can think of. People will gawk at you, laugh and point and it will be so pleasing to see you humiliated. I will bring you to places I know there will be a lot of dirty men. I think a real sleazy strip club would be perfect. We will go right to the VIP room where I will force you to choke on cock. These men are going to rip open that sissy pussy and use you as their cum doll. You will cock down the throat, up your little sissy cunt and when you think you can’t take anymore you’ll get double dicked.  My sweet sissy slut, you are completely tarnished to the point where you now belong to me.

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