Hard n Wet w/ BBC Sissy Trainer Peace Style

BBC Sissy TrainingOh to do my BBC sissy training, you must be hard and willing.   Yes my, darling, I absolutely adore seeing you sissy boys all dolled up by your mistresses. The way you all strut around in your heels and skirts is just too damn cute! And when it comes time for me to give them my big black cock? Well, let’s just say that nothing gets me going quite like the sight of a beautiful woman taking what she wants from her man.

I love how pathetic they are as they take my huge dick deep inside their little pussies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Your eyes roll back into their heads as if begging for mercy but really craving more of this forbidden pleasure we share together. It makes me feel so powerful knowing that even though society might see these guys as weak or less than masculine because of who/what loves us doesn’t mean shit compared to our connection through taboo desires such as this one here today!

The sound effects coming outta these pretty mouths..”Ughh ahhh ohhh!”  The way they shake and quiver under my relentless thrusts… It’s like watching a live porn show unfold right before me. And when I finally cum inside them? Oh, honey! That’s when things get really good. They groan in ecstasy mixed with humiliation as hot sticky loads fill up every crevice of their feminine bodies – proof positive that only someone like me could ever truly satisfy them after being transformed into these beautiful creatures by their dominatrixes.

I can feel the heat emanating off both our bodies post-orgasm; it’s almost tangible how much passion we share during these intimate moments together despite what others might think about us or say behind closed doors about our lifestyle choices. We may be outcasted by some but dammit if this isn’t one helluva ride for all parties involved!

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