Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Femboy training

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal for this bratty domme who loves to travel and make men her little bitches. Creating exotic beauties who know the love of crossdressing and exotic cock is the only thing on my mind today. I have my fair share of big dick lovers, but the flavor of the month should be something that we all achieve in our life. Imagine spending a week in a different country in order to wear their latest fashion and see if you passable. Our first stop should be Jamaica, and after that Thailand! 

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Are you going to take the challenge with me and see how many men cum running to a sexy fembot to have that ass and mouth used up? I know that no matter the culture there will always be a sexy dick who wants to get in some american fag boy’s Bussy and throat!  We can explore the country, get drunk, and party with the locals. We can also look for the hottest guys and give them a taste of our juicy lips and tight asses. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun!

Cum explore exotic cock with me! 

You can be the maid who carries our luggage and follows at my feet like the slave that you are. Once in our quarters I will call in a few cocks and spend your Amex on some fancy drinks and the easiest drug to obtain. You will enter the country dressed as a sissy maid and leave feeling like a universal tramp! 

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