Phone domination

Phone domination


Phone domination is the name of the game tonight, so I hope you came to play. Do you prefer hard or soft domination? I’m more of a soft dominatrix myself. I’ll be soft and sensual with you, but harder if you need it. Do you like to be humiliated, or maybe you’re just a panty boy, which is my favorite kind of sissy boy.

                What is so intriguing about me? Is it my voice or the way I say everything? I’m enjoying being in control of you in every sexual aspect and that you’ll only cum when I let you cum for me. I want you to beg me and get down on your knees for me, my pet.

                I’ll guide you in every stroke you make on your penis. I’ll dress you up like the little sissy you know I really enjoy. I love how obedient my little slave is and that all you want to do is please me.

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