Femboy training gets you full of sperm

Are you ready for your Femboy training? Since you are a dainty bitch, I will make you real pretty. “You will put on a show for my favorite bbc bulls” I instruct you to do. After a while and all the guests later, it is time for the show. You start with a slutty dance. “Shake that ass slut” I cheer on. All the bulls around get a chance to get a dance from you. They groped your sissy clitty as you grinded your ass on their big black cocks.

“Time to show our guests how I train you” I tease again and say as I push you down to your knees. Once your mouth opens up, I force it down on a dick. “Choke on it bitch” I laugh and say over and over. It is too fun to watch choke on these dicks that some of our bulls’ guests got too horny. Therefore, I pulled your panties down and spread you open. The screams you had were muffled by the big black cock in your sissy mouth.

Femboy training

“Show them what a good, trained whore” I instruct you to do as you get fucked. Finally, you milked the first bull dick. I could see your sissy pussy leaking sperm before the next bbc bull was pushed inside you. “Keep going hoe you have all night to milk these dicks” I play and cheer on. For the rest of the night, you mixed every cock insight. By the time we were done you looked like a femmy used up slut, just like I like from my sissy bitches. “Put your Sissy panties back on slut, time to clean up your mess,” I say sternly. It is part of your training to clean up.  

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