Femboy Training Found Here

femboy trainingReady for some femboy training? I sure hope so because there is nothing that I hate more than an unruly sissy. Men call me often claiming to be clueless that I am a sissy trainer. I am like what do you think the sissy slut hut means? I think men loved to be forced into doing what they fantasize about. I can play that game too. I had one of these clueless men arrange a date with me. He found me on Fet Life. I did not buy his bullshit line that he thought I was an escort. Fet Life is not where the pro GFEs place ads. It is for the fetish community. My ad was very clear that I am a sissy trainer and dominatrix. I do sissy training sessions. This guy showed up with roses and a bottle of wine. He wanted to take me to dinner. I was like I do not date sissies. He was like I am not a sissy. I asked him why he was here then because I am not the girlfriend experience. I had to force him into being my femboy, but he did not fight me much, so I knew this was part of his game. I dressed him up in some of my sluttiest clothes. I put a wig on him and did his makeup too. He was perfect for the clothes I picked out. He had a manscaped dick. He had soft curves. No hair on his legs. Yeah, he was a femboy playing hard to get. I put on my strapon and fucked his back door pussy raw. I wanted it to hurt. I wanted him to remember the best sissy trainer who fucked his ass raw. I am a sissy trainer. I am not your girlfriend. You are my slave on and off the phone. If you play hard to get too long, then forced sissy training it is.

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