My bitchboy needs submission into Forced sissy training

Forced sissy training

My bitch boy was pretty feisty with all the celebration for the holiday. He served active duty and he is well versed in serving but sometimes loud sounds upset him. The only thing that can quill his anxiety is domination by a strong sexy female. Sometimes I wonder if he is really worthy of my time. His has a problem listening so when I come on top of him it’s after a lot of wrangling him. He always finds a small level of submission inside himself but I have to grind my cunt into his back as I tighten the collar around his neck and remind him of his place. Will he transcend or continue to be the petty bitch boy he has been? Will he get the chance to milk my cunt all over his back or will he lie in a puddle of his misery he made by being disobedient. Truly a real man who has opened his soul to the ways of sexual pleasure has no hesitation when it comes to being my sex toy, whose only purpose is my pleasure.

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