Femboy training for pathetic sissy whores

Femboy trainingFemboy training really gets me off. I like turning my sissy sluts into complete whores. I want you to call me Goddess Meadow, I’m a phone dominatrix who will teach you a hard lesson. I will put you in a cage like a dog and take out my switch and smack your pathetic clitty with it. That’s right whore. Take it. I watch you wiggle your hips as I continue to smack you hard, watching you squirm. I go ahead and put a device on your small cock in order to shock it for my own pleasure. I give you your favorite pair of sissy panties to wear and make you put them on from inside the cage. You’re humiliated as I invite all of my guy friends over. They laugh at your humiliated face. They look at me, the BBC sissy trainer, and I instruct them to take out their cocks and to start stroking them in order to get them hard. They do so and your eyes widen from inside the cage as you see how huge their cocks are. Be prepared to take it slut. I electrocute your penis because of your terrified look. I tell you that you’ll take it no matter how huge their cocks are. You will be used, fucked, and humiliated. This is going to be the best forced sissy training session you’ve ever had. I want you to put on a show for these men. I want you to show them how you like forced feminization. I go ahead and open the door to the cage, and watch you crawl out. I give you a pink dress to put on along with some sexy lingerie and stocking to put on underneath. I watch you prance around and dance for them. They laugh at you knowing that this femboy training session is really going to be a tough one for you…

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