Femboy Training Can Be Forced with a Sexy Sissy Mom Like Me

femboy trainingSome men require femboy training whether they believe it or not. I took my daughter to see the Barbie movie over the weekend. My sissy boys wanted to go too. So, I dressed us all up in cute pink outfits and we saw the movie. Although it was a great movie, a few solo men in the theater distracted me. I assumed they were gay or want to be Barbies.

One man was not paying attention to the movie at all. He had his eyes on the cute young girls in the theater, including my sissy boys. However, I suspected he had no clue that my sissy boys were not born girls. I let him think they were girls and invited him back to my place for a Barbie party after the show. Perhaps he was interested in my barely legal daughter, but I doubted it.

I do not normally persecute P men. Although I understand the inclination for young pussy or cock, he ogled my sons. I excused myself to the restroom. But I came back wearing a strap-on like the phone dominatrix that I am. I arrived too late. My pervert’s cock appeared buried in one of my son’s asses. If my son had not been yelling, “Fuck me harder daddy,” I might have pushed him off my boy.

I Hate a Closeted Faggot

Even though I was certain he did not realize he was fucking a sissy boy and not a young Lolita, I let my boys have their fun. They need dick as much as you do. However, things turned nasty once this guy realized he just fucked a femboy and not a jailbait girl. But mommy to the rescue. No one slaps my son and gets away with it.

I pegged that pervert’s ass while my daughter filmed it. He screamed and he fought, but I showed him no mercy. Unlike him, I could not shoot a load of cum, but I could make his asshole too sore to sit for days. After about an hour of dry fucking his ass, I did not think he could handle more, so I stopped. This sexy mommy broke him into submission.

He waddled out of my house like a man who rode a horse too long. I knew his asshole had to hurt. But we came to an understanding. He will not troll for young pussy anymore. But he might troll for some younger cock if it can fuck his ass like I did. A little hardcore ass fucking and phone domination, and this pervert is now trolling for cock.

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