Easy Girls Get Their Holes Abused

Sissy girl training


I see you teetering around in those heels, but stumble when it’s time to get fucked in them. Your clothes are tight, but they are so tight that it’s impossible to rip them off of you. Today’s lesson is how to dress like a true sissy slut. As I have mentioned before, all of your clothing needs to be whorish. Dresses and skirts must stay at least 6 inches above the knee. Show off your body as much as possible. When you dress like you need to be fucked, the men with big fat cocks want to fuck you. The problem a lot of you are having is that your improper clothing is scaring away the cock. So, let’s talk about shoes. The higher the better, of course, but learn to start small. Stand on the street corner in 6 inch heels and get fucked by all sorts of men. When you’re able to be used in 6 inch heels, move on to higher ones. You need to be truly ready for cock at all times. Also, don’t wear clothes that are so tight that men can’t rip them off you. Your body is there to be used, so make it easier for them to use you. If that means not wearing panties, so be it. Your hole is the goal.


    • Mark on May 17, 2023 at 10:59 pm
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    You are the best sissy trainer ever.

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