Dominant Sissy Trainer Presley

Best Sissy Trainer

Deep in your subconscious, you’ve always wanted to submit to a Dominant Sissy Trainer like me. I have the hottest body you’ve ever seen, with the firmest ass and the softest tits. You know my pussy reigns supreme in your mind; hot, tight, and messy wet. You want to give yourself over to me. You want me to own every inch of you, and to make you into the perfect little sissy slut companion for me, don’t you? I know you’d love the job of bathing me, dressing me, and eating my pussy until I cum no matter what. I don’t give a fuck if you’re exhausted, or desperate to piss, or need to eat; getting your Queen off is what is going to come first in your life, do you understand? I am what cums first; now submit. Good, yes. Kneel down between my soft, spread thighs. I’m counting on you to make this queenly cunt squirt all over your pathetic face. Do you think you can manage that, you sissy slut? Yes? Then get to work and make me cream in your slutty little mouth.

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