Do as I say

phone domination

Ready for some phone domination? Not that I care as it is going to happen anyways! I look you over and see this pathetic excuse for a man who thinks that they deserve the right to talk and argue. Oh honey, NO FUCKING WAY! You see I was put on this Earth to remind you what a fucking loser you are, how you can’t keep a job, can’t keep your girlfriend satisfied, can’t keep your little cockle hard. I know all about you and the many losers like you. You girlfriend called me the other day to complain that once again you had left her unsatisfied in the bedroom and she had to use her toys to cum. I told her to send you over to me to be straightened out and trained properly. Boys like you should never look a real woman in the eye, should be kneeling at our feet and be dressed in pretty outfits. You should have a cock in your mouth and one in you boi cunt. You will not need words to portray what you need any more as I will decide what you need now. Look at your hard, little, pathetic excuse of a prick hardening at that thought. You may palm yourself and then clean your mess off of your hands because starting tomorrow you will be in a cage at all times and will no longer be able to play with yourself. And you will address me as Mistress Ember from here on out. 

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