Did You Read Your Femboy Training Manual?

Femboy training

I can’t believe how dumb some of you girly guys are, almost all of your stupid slutty sissy questions are covered in the femboy training manual I gave you.  Did you even read it?  I can tell you didn’t because if you had then you wouldn’t ask me half of the obvious shit that you do.  What did you do with it?  I don’t give you he-whore homework for my own good.  The instructions I give you are to help you become the beautifully bimbofied big cock taking pet that you’ve always wanted to be.   I do this for you, you stupid bitch.

I bet you just jacked off to all of the pictures in the pamphlet and didn’t read a single word of it, huh?  Pages are probably all stuck together now so you’ll never be able to read the whole thing even if you wanted to.  How close am I?  Well, you missed out on some sage wisdom just because you couldn’t stop yourself from whacking off to all of those drawings of various sissy boys.  Which ones did you like the most, was it the mature maids with huge whore hogs between their legs or the slinky little extra young looking teen clitty queenies with cum drooling out of their cages?  I bet they all made you want to jizz it, they’re pretty hot pictures.  You’re still a stupid bitch, though.

No, I’m not going to give you another one.  You’ll just have to read my blogs or maybe cheat off of one of the better behaved femboys in our slut making sessions.  I’m not answering any questions that you would’ve learned had you read the required material.  Now, tell me what you think I’m going to do with this kitty tail buttplug?  Am I going to use it on myself or shove it into your halfwitted asshole?  If you don’t get this right then, I hate to tell you, Mistress K’s sissy slave training is going to be extra hard for you. 


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