Cross dressed slaves

Best sissy trainer

His  reality – 40+ years later? More powerfully addicted to dressing in woman’s clothing than ever before. Just putting on  panties and stockings excites him more than it ever has. It never gets old or stale. It is impossible for him to stay out of girl’s clothes. Yes – He wants to look like a perfect girl. His lifestyle restricts him to only interact virtually while in his home. This includes never being dressed in public. At least in his outerwear. That’s just the way it is and will always be. Has he interacted with others over the phone? Yes – a waste of time and money.  He can put on a dress (and he has 100’s or even thousands of times) and cum like he always has to a fantasy. What he cannot experience, without somebody else, is being under their strict control. This is what compelled  him to contact me. There is something wildly erotic to him about being required to address me as Master. He wants me to be his Master. That’s right! – my rules are very clear. He must follow all of my commands. He begs me for the opportunity to submit to me, Master Brielle. From now on, he will be in my command at all times. Whatever I say GOES, it will not be up for discussion. Yes – disobedience needs to be punished via humiliations, whips, chains, BBC, and having his cock and sissy hole tortured. He needs these things done to him even when his behavior is perfect. Why? Because he is to be Master Brielle’s Sissy and a reminder of my power over him makes him even more powerful. He begs me Master Brielle to keep him under my control for as long as he wants. Once I start, he is never to be allowed to stop being trained by me. A Sissy? A cocksucker? Being fucked by another Sissy? Worse being fucked by a man? All things he has refused, denied or failed to accept. He describes himself and comes to me as a Lesbian slave-girl. But as his Master, he begs and pleads with me to turn him into any or all of the above. Our interactions may be limited to virtual, with constraints on public display, but that does not mean he will not be turned into my personal property and possession.


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