Comply Or Perish

mistress phone sex

No matter how many disobedient boys I talk to there always seems to be another one in need of correction. It’s a good thing that there are lots of Dommes that are ready to take the whip to them and correct their behavior. I can only imagine the perverse things that you’ve done that you need to confess. Confession is good for the soul. Come to me and kneel and tell me what you’ve done. I’ll go from there in deciding how to deal with your actions. I’m not a kind Mistress either, I will bring you a great deal of pain.
If you’re sitting there stroking your hard cock and thinking of Mistress phone sex take your goddamn hand off of it right now. That is not for you to touch without permission. Boy, you are going to be a lot of work aren’t you? That’s OK, I am a strong Mistress and I’ll make you crumble at my feet in worship. It’s actually your good luck that you found me. I’ll bleed the bad right out of you and baptize you in blood only to have you reborn as my servant. Your body, mind and soul will be mine.

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