Busy as a BBC Sissy Trainer

bcc sissy trainerThere are sissy trainers then there are trainers like me. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I train sissies with big black bull cocks. Those chocolate beauties are quite the incentive for men to become sissies. Black cocks are magnificent. Long, thick, powerful and they command an audience. If a sissy is going to suck cock, why not suck the best cock? Most of my sissies are gay for big black cocks. Black cock faggots who need help understanding their desire for black cock, where to get black cocks and what to do with black cock once they found it. I am here to help. Black men are different from white men. Black men do not care where they put their big black dicks. Any hole will do. They want a black cock faggot to look girly head to toe. I shave my BBC sissies, dress them, get their nails and toes done and do their makeup and hair.  Full conversion to looking girly so that a black man will ram his big black dick in a sissy hole. White men are not as liberal as black men about where they will put their cocks.

The past couple weeks I have been busy with BBC training. Margo, Rachel and Sissy TJ all understand the power of the big black dick. They are all gay for big black cocks. And I am keen on helping them be the best black cock sissies they can be. That includes practice with big black dildos because a black cock sissy needs to know how to chug a horse cock balls deep without puking. And a BBC sissy needs to get her back door pussy stretched out in preparation for the real thing. We practice with big black dildos before my sissies hit Grinder or the glory hole. I make sure that when they get the real thing, they are prepared.

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