Brother’s Friends Make You a Cockslut

Forced sissy training

Your secret is out! Your brother’s friends know about your secret sissy life. They found your pictures on your blog and have been jerking off to them every night. Now that they finally have you alone, they can finally play with you like they’ve always wanted. Your weak feminine body can’t fight all of them off. You have to let them have their way with you. Get on your knees and slobber on their cocks. Sissy fags like you have to be good cocksuckers. Jerk the other guys off, too, while you’re sucking one cock. Don’t let up or they’ll shove all three of their fat cocks down your throat until you can’t breathe. Get on your hands and knees so they can shove their cocks in your hole one by one. They love using you like a fuck doll, making you their bitch with every stroke. The only thing you’re good for is giving them a tight ass to fuck as they slap their balls against you.

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