Best Sissy Trainer Let’s You Eat Her In Your Sissy Panties

sissy panties


Come here you pathetic little sissy faggot. Get on your fucking knees and crawl to me. I’ve got you all cute and dressed up in a your pretty little sissy panties. I sure know how to make you look cute. And that sexy pink collar that you’re wearing with my initials on it. You wear my name because you are my pet. My pathetic little fuck toy. And I get to use you however I want. You’re such a worthless little sissy you would never tell me know. The only things that should be coming out of your mouth are “Yes Mistress, Thank You Mistress, and Please Mistress”. Anything else would be as useless as that tiny little clit between your legs. 

I didn’t tell you to stop crawling. I need my cunt licked, and you get the honor of eating out the best sissy trainer in the world. You better be good with your mouth fag. You have to be, with such a pathetic little cock. That’s the only way you’d ever make a woman moan. I expect for you to make me cum all over your sissy face. I hope you aren’t as useless as you fucking look. Otherwise, I’ll use that other hole to entertain myself.

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