Best Sissy Trainer for BBC Sissies Like Kami

best sissy trainerI am the best sissy trainer for Kami. That is because I am her bbc sissy mom. See, Kami and I share a love for those big black cocks. I help her get those big black cocks, because I have an army of black bulls at my disposal for training little sissy faggots like Kami. If you want to be a BBC sissy faggot, you need to do more than just look the part. Look at my precious Kami. She already has her Queen of Spades tattoo. This is an important hallmark of being a BBC sissy. This lets all the dominant white men out there know your tight little sissy holes are only for the biggest and darkest cocks around. I am a BBC sissy trainer, so when I see that a sissy already has her Queen of Spades tattoo, I know I do not have to start small. When Kami arrived for her sissy session, I had some of the biggest black bulls I know around. Normally, I start small and work up, but Kami is dedicated and ambitious when it comes to those beautiful big black dicks. Kami is naturally feminine. She just needed some help to dress for her thin frame. A sissy mom knows how to accentuate small clitties and fem bodies. Kami was a little cock sucking whore for her sissy mommy the other day. From big to biggest, I had those big beautiful black cocks lined up for Kami to practice on. We have had lots of cock sucking training down at the glory hole, but those cocks are never all black. As a BBC trainer, all the cocks I train sissies on in my house are big black dicks. Kami shines with a BBC between her lips. She works it in slowly, but completely. I truly believe Kami was born for big black cocks and sissy phone sex. Kami is a tiny, feminine sissy but she can handle those big black dicks better than many naturally born women can. Behind every good BBC sissy faggot, is a skilled BBC sissy mom. BBC school is now in session.

bbc sissy trainer


    • Monty on June 10, 2022 at 11:31 am
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    Train me to be a good bitch like Cami

    • Lynn on June 10, 2022 at 12:16 pm
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    I’m not naturally feminine, so I will need some extra help!

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