Best Sissy Trainer Coraline Turns Burly Men Into Femboys

best sissy trainerYou need the best sissy trainer to ring in the new year. Now is the time. New year, new you. And I have some ideas on how the new you will look and act. Trust me, I can turn the burliest of men into a femboy if they so desire. Recently, I made a new friend in an unlikely place. I took a sissy into an adult bookstore to suck cock for Christmas Eve. This burly man knocked on the wall, so I knew he wanted to fuck my sissy. Honestly, when I watched him fuck my sissy’s back door pussy, I never thought twice about him being anything else but an alpha male.

But as we went to leave, he gave me his business card. I assumed he either wanted to fuck me or my sissy slave again. Nope. He wanted femboy training. As he explained it, something awakened in him as he fucked a tight ass. I get it. For most men fucking a femboy is just a tight hole to fuck. They do not think about it much. They just enjoy the tight hole. But for some guys, fucking a sissy boy ass makes them wonder about their sexuality.

I Can Turn Even the Burliest of Men into a Femboy

I do not judge. So, when Alex wanted me to feminize him, I told him I was down for the task. Although initially I freaked out because he was 6 feet tall, broad like a linebacker and he had a hairy body. But I took a deep breath and my daughter helped. We began with a body shave. We removed all the hair on his back, legs, cock, balls and taint. Took forever to get his body silky smooth but we did it. A wig and some makeup, plus the right outfit, and I can turn any manly man into a sissy gurl. Burly men just need more sissy training to learn how to suck those dicks.

Are you game for your transformation?

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