Sissy Hypno Training Makes You Ruin Those Sissy Panties

I Will Use Sissy Hypno Training to Break Your Brain

I love sissy hypno training. Whenever I get a new pet, I use hypno to make them understand their place. Any girl can tell you that you’re a pathetic waste of space. But I will break you down into such a weak and simpering puppy that you beg me to answer your phone calls. I start with a soothing and calm voice. Make you feel safe to admit all of your filthiest sissy secrets, and then I start to use those against you. Every pathetic little story you tell me, and every fagfilled fantasy will be repeated back to you. I want you to hear just how weak and pathetic you sound.

sissy hypno training

Push Those Sissy Panties to the Side for Me Pet

I can finally have fun with you when you learn your place. When you accept that you don’t deserve respect or kindness you will do anything that I ask you to. Upon my command, you will get down on your knees and pull those sissy panties to the side. You will beg to have that sissy hole fucked and filled. Then you will thank me for even speaking to you and plead for me to take pity and fill that sissy cunt for you. You are now my peg obsessed little fuck toy.

You will spread your sissy ass apart for me and show me that filthy little shit hole. I will line my 10 inch strap on with that pathetic hole. If you’re lucky I’ll be nice and spit on it first before I slide that dick in raw. While I punish that filthy fuckhole, I will make you repeat your mantra. “Please own me. I am nothing.” Over and over again until you are moaning and panting too hard to speak. I will grab the back of your neck and slam my cock into the p-spot until your worthless clitty starts splurting out your weak sissy cum. You will beg me for another round of sissy slave training.

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