Best Sissy Trainer Coraline Does Not Let Sissies Control the Play

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer listens to you. I get a lot of sissies who want to suck cock, and plenty who do not. I am not opposed to pegging a sissy. In fact, I love it. You don’t want to worship any cock? You will worship me instead. Sissy Lilly found out what I meant the other day when I said “If you do not worship cock, you will worship me.”  A sissy must serve someone. It might as well be me, right? Sissy Lilly needed to come down off her high horse. I understand what a sissy wants, but sometimes we must meet in the middle. I do not do sissy phone calls for the money. Sure, the money is nice. It helps pay the bills, but I could have other jobs.  I could be a full-time dominatrix again, and never do phone sex. But I like helping sissies understand their wants and needs.  Sissy Lilly wanted no cock. She did not want to eat pussy or ass. And she did not want pegged. I am a dominant woman, so I could not let a sissy call the shots.  I listened to her and decided that the happy medium was me and my strapon apparatus. I dressed Sissy Lilly up in a pink frilly dress. I put her worthless clitty in a cock cage so she could not masturbate or cum. She was not happy about that. I would not be a good sissy trainer if I let a sissy cum whenever she wanted. Sissies are chronic masturbators. They have very little self-control over their flaccid peckers. They need my kind of sissy training. While her worthless clit stick was caged, I pegged her ass. She screamed at first, then started moaning. She also started leaking from her cage. Just means I hit her prostate. I milked that sissy dry. I ruined her orgasm, and I will ruin yours too.

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