BBC Sissy Trainer Shames Loser White Boys

bbc sissy trainerI am a bbc sissy trainer for a reason. That’s because I know a lot of black men. I’ve been a BBC slut for decades. And nothing I enjoy more than a BBC sissy or cuckold. Many of the black studs in my posse never mind lending their big black cock to the training of some BBC sissy bitch boy or loser cuckold.

Last night, Jackson lent his 13-inch big black dick to Dave’s education. Dave is a cuckold wannabe. His wife won’t cheat on him. Not even with his permission. So, he sought me out after he saw my ad on Fet Life. He lives locally, so I told him he found his surrogate slut wife. For a price of course. As either a phone dominatrix or a sissy trainer, I charge a fee. Call it an annoyance tax. You must pay a hot bitch if you have a pathetic inch worm hiding in your pants.

And I thought I knew what a small dick looked like. But Dave had the smallest dick I have ever seen. This pathetic little thing did not even measure a half an inch soft. So, at best when erect he has an inch worm. I think my sons who are schoolboys have bigger dicks. And they are still growing. Hell, my chihuahua’s dick is bigger. I broke out into uncontrollable laughter. If his wife will not cuckold him, I was happy to do so.

I am a Black Cock Sissy Trainer

So, I made him sit in the corner and watch me with a real man. Both Jackson and I teased him about his frightened turtle hiding in its shell. The loser appeared all potatoes and no meat, LOL.  I made him sit on his hands while I slurped on a cock at least 12 times bigger than his little nub. But I could only torture the looser for so long. His little balls turned blue.

Jackson never minds a white loser sucking his massive cock. He can cum and cum all day long regardless if he just came. The man is a beast in bed. So, little loser Dave got to play with his frightened turtle while sucking on his first big black cock. And I cannot wait to see him again. I told him that the next visit he best be in sissy panties because that little nub could get injured in his boxers.

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