Be My Sissy Slave?


online sissy training

I have the most perfect sissy slave whores ever, I make sure that I train them extremely well. My personal panty boy slaves are leashed around their pathetically limp dickies while I give them orders. First, Mistress’ patent leather boots need to be licked clean. I better be able to see my own pretty reflection in those big boots and if they are a good little sissy, I will step on them with my pointy heel while they scrub the bath tubs clean. I keep my sissies in line by making them stay naked while they please their Mistress and do their chores. They can earn their frilly sissy whore outfits piece by piece. Everything from their sweet ruffled panties, nylons and bras must be earned by pleasuring Mistress’ clients and cleaning up after their Mistress. After all, it is important to train sissy slaves on how to be obedient little skanks. If they misbehave, harsh punishments will be dealt out on their sissy dicklets!

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